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  • Personalities   10 years 47 weeks ago

    You're right... I should get more out there on the cats!

    Finnegan stories have been dominating the front page because of his paw, but I do want to get more out there about the others.

    Thing is, I'd like to publish a photo with the stories to keep things interesting, but we all know how hard it can be to get just the right picture of the cats!

    A comment on Zoey -- she really has become quite the "old lady". She used to be very lovey in her younger years, but she is more crabby now, doesn't like to be picked up as much and just can't stand Domino!

    Finnegan is her soul mate, but she has been known to hiss at him at times.

    However, no matter what, we continue to treasure her since her years are probably becoming limited. She still eats well, but has gotten smaller. Just have to keep an eye on things....

  • Finnegan Pulls His Cast Off   10 years 47 weeks ago

    Aww, Finnegan, what were you doing? I hope this doesn't set back his recovery.

  • what happened to them?   10 years 47 weeks ago

    Although I'm probably at risk of being seen as a kittycam stalker with all my posts, I have to report that at 6:30 am today Zoey AND Finnegan were snuggling on cam 2 together!

  • Others' cat love   10 years 47 weeks ago

    Very nice!! I loved scanning all those stories. Thanks for the link!

  • Finnegan Pulls His Cast Off   10 years 47 weeks ago

    We are home from the vet with Finnegan with his paw freshly wrapped with a new splint. Full update to follow a bit later. I'm waiting to get just the right picture of him!

  • Finnegan Pulls His Cast Off   10 years 47 weeks ago

    Uh oh!! Look at that startled/guilty expression! I wonder if he tried slipping it back on before anyone noticed and said the heck with it! Aw. Mind your mom now, Finnegan and if you require another cast, keep it on because you were doing SO GOOD! Good luck at the vet's, I'm saying a little prayer!

  • what happened to them?   10 years 47 weeks ago

    All four of them were on the cams at once today. I think we had Finny on Cam 2 and the rest on Cam 1.

  • Your Cats!   10 years 47 weeks ago

    Molly leaned into my headset microphone and let out a a big meow, right when I was talking to a client! She is always trying to help me do my job! I would post pics of my kitties.

  • what happened to them?   10 years 47 weeks ago

    Saw 3 of them ealier. Finnagan is sleeping and looks comfy with his cast! Glad he is doing well

  • Your Cats!   10 years 47 weeks ago

    That reminds me, I need to do something more interesting with the profiles so people can put pictures of their cats there. The avatars are great and all, we just need something bigger!

  • Points   10 years 47 weeks ago

    Glad you noticed it!

    I'm actually don't have a "master plan" for the points, I just thought I'd get it going to hopefully encourage some friendly competition or something like that. It's great to have others contributing to the website as it makes it for fun for everyone in my opinion.

    I have thought about giving out some small freebies, but I'm not sure what. Can't be anything too heavy because of postage these days!!

    In regards to general "stuff", I do have a Cafepress store, but I'm not actively promoting it on the site. Need to get that implemented. I never made a sale to anyone other than me, nor do I really expect to. I just recently bought 3 kids t-shirts -- one for my nephew and one for each of our friends little kids (a boy and a girl). Hopefully I'll see them sporting their t-shirts soon!

  • Your Cats!   10 years 47 weeks ago

    Now that we have several fans around the apartment for summer, my cat Stan has been having fun lying behind any of these fans and occasionally letting out meows that then echo, thanks to the fan, into the rest of room.

    My theory is he likes to be by the fan because of the humming sound it makes. He also likes to rest between the shower curtain and curtain liner when you're in the shower. I'm not quite sure why, but my best guess is he likes the continuous sound that's made by each. Maybe he misses the heartbeat sound from his momma cat? Does anyone else's cat do something like this?

  • what happened to them?   10 years 47 weeks ago

    Finnegan is definitely around on cam 2. I just spotted him about an hour ago! (cute as a button)

  • what happened to them?   10 years 47 weeks ago

    I had mentioned elsewhere I can't access my own site from my office (the domain is blocked), but I can get to Kitty-Cam via my cellphone, but as you can imagine, the interface isn't as nice as being on a regular computer.

    Anyway, I thought I saw Finnegan on Cam 2, but I could have been confusing it with another day.

    Unfortunately, the cats seem to be on the cams less in the summer because they are seeking out cooler places in the house and don't want to or need to for that matter be cuddling with each other.

    When we're home, we'll often make an effort to encourage them to be on cam, but we all know cats will do whatever they want.

    So, rest assured, all four cats are here and I'd make an announcement if one or more wasn't around!

  • 2nd cat in cam 2   10 years 47 weeks ago

    I don't think that's a cat.
    On the bottom edge of the Cam2 picture is the top of a 2 drawer filing cabinet (about 6 inches below the cat stand). We have purr-pad on top of the filing cabinet that is white with some print pattern. It may just be the morning sun that's causing it to look like Zoey or Domino.

  • Who is your favorite cat?   10 years 47 weeks ago

    At least you can access the site from work -- my employer has this domain blocked!

  • Who is your favorite cat?   10 years 48 weeks ago

    I can't get enough Finny! I swear I'm gonna get fired from my job, I'm watching him on the kittycam so much!

  • Who is your favorite cat?   10 years 48 weeks ago

    Finnegan is often on camera and sports his cast so well!

  • Indoor, Outdoor, or both?   10 years 48 weeks ago

    We do free feed the cats so I can't be sure why Finnegan is so much heavier than the others.

    Stormy is the real "beggar" in the family. Always yelping at us like we're starving her out.

    They all seem to have decent appetites and that is important for Zoey because she's the oldest and we can tell she's getting a bit frail/thin. Still, she is active with a healthy appetite so no concerns yet.

  • Indoor, Outdoor, or both?   10 years 48 weeks ago


    Thanks for writing back! I asked about them being indoor or outdoor out of curiosity and because I'm wondering how they stay at such good weights.
    I recently had to start cutting back the amount of food I was feeding my 2 cats, not just refilling the bowl when it was empty, but instead giving a measured amount every day. Are you as regimented with your cats? Do they play a lot together or does Finnegan just eat more than the rest of them? ; ) (His little cast is so cute, btw!)


  • thumbnail images   10 years 48 weeks ago

    Okay, got it. I figured it out when I went back and all the Finnegans from Cam 2 were gone, when they were just half-filled before! I did notice the main images refresh after awhile, whereas the old Kitty-Cam didn't do that, so I would manually refresh when visiting.
    Thanks for the explanation!

  • thumbnail images   10 years 48 weeks ago

    Great question -- thanks for asking!!

    It is likely because your computer is caching those old images. If you hit refresh on the large image or clear your browser's cache, it should match the thumbnail.

    I had a piece of code on the pages that I thought would prevent browser caching, but it didn't work so I removed it.

    Also, the page of thumbnails is set to auto refresh every 5 minutes, but when you first visit it, it may still have old images.

    Certainly something worth keeping in mind though... it does annoy me. My laptop still has images cached on it from the end of May!

  • Indoor, Outdoor, or both?   10 years 48 weeks ago


    Thanks for taking the time to join Kitty-Cam!

    All the cats are 100% indoor cats. Before we became enlightened on declawing, we had Zoey and Finnegan declawed (Stormy came to us declawed) so we need to be extra careful that they don't get out. Domino retains all his claws and our couch as suffered a bit because of it, but it's old furniture and a small price to pay.

    We have leashes for the cats, but probably as all of you are aware, cats aren't too good on leashes. So, it just ends up being easier to keep them inside!


  • Who is your favorite cat?   10 years 48 weeks ago

    I love Finnegan's swirly tabby pattern--beautiful!

  • Finnegan's Fractured Toe   10 years 48 weeks ago

    Best wishes to Finnegan as his paw heals! Purrs and headbutts from my household!