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  • Health Scare for Zoey   9 years 33 weeks ago

    How's the little lion holding up? She is so cute, so happy to hear she did so well at the vet and is home and back with some more weight. Caught her on cam 2 earlier today too : )

  • Health Scare for Zoey   9 years 34 weeks ago

    aw, she does look like a little lion! I think I've heard of this, CRF? unfortunately kitties are susceptible to renal conditions and usually they don't display symptoms, unlike other animals, until it's pretty severe. i'm thrilled that they all have such observant and loving parents ready to jump in an emergency, and she's looking pretty perky on cam2 right now! hugs to the sweet little girl, and I'll be checking in (as usual) on her :-)

  • fewer Domino views :(   9 years 34 weeks ago

    Okay, maybe I was wrong about Cam 2 being for Zoey and Finnegan!

  • fewer Domino views :(   9 years 34 weeks ago

    He's there just not in good view! He has a new favorite spot on Cam 1 in the corner behind the round blue kitty bed (we call that "the hole").

    Cam 2 generally belongs to Zoey and Finnegan so you won't often see him there. Hopefully as winter get closer he'll show up more on Cam 1 on the fuzzy blanket.

  • Welcome to Kitty-Cam   9 years 36 weeks ago

    it's hard to see Domino anymore because something got rearranged on the right side of the window where he was stationed for a long time. Now he's behind the "nest" way on the left and off-camera (you can see a piece of him). could someone fix that so he goes back? I look forward to seeing him everyday. I'm not only a kitty-cam junkie but a Domino junkie too apparently :-D thanks, val. p.s. I posted this someplace else too, sorry.

  • Finnegan Paw Update   9 years 40 weeks ago

    well, i'm not sure about DNA, crystallography & lipsuction but i WAS wondering about Finnegan's TOE! it's about a year later and he seems to be doing fine judging by the cam-pix, which is excellent! i like the close-upness of cam2 by the way; now you can see whiskers AND toes, LOL!!! cheers.

  • Welcome to the message forums!   9 years 47 weeks ago

    I just joined tonight....:) My kids love checking in on your cats to see what they are up to. I also put a bird feeder in front of the windows for the girls to watch. I didn't have much luck with regular bird food but once I put in a bird food that has special seeds in it for finches ALL the birds came ! Now the girls " talk " to the birds and the kids think it is hilarious.

  • Welcome to the message forums!   10 years 2 days ago

    Nice site, love the kitty cam. What a bunch of sweet fur babies. I will be around. Purrs to all.

  • Kitty-Cam Attacked - Update   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Yeah, Google has forgiven us and we are no longer marked as a dangerous site! Thanks everyone!

  • Kitty-Cam Attacked - Update   10 years 5 weeks ago

    unbelievable! of all sites to pick on-- KITTYCAM!! so sad that people have nothing better to do. well I'm sure glad all is safe & sound again!

  • Who is your favorite cat?   10 years 23 weeks ago

    I love them all and I think you are blessed to have such darling kitties.Zoey looks like our Buffy.

  • Welcome to Kitty-Cam   10 years 24 weeks ago

    No live feed. After the popularity of that puppy cam, I gotta admit, I've thought about it. Problem is where to aim the cam. Also, unlike puppies, the cats aren't as active and you'd probably just be watching them sleep!

    Jim has been wanting to do something different with the cams anyway because the way it is set up now, we need a computer dedicated to each of them. With different cameras, that may no longer be required. I'll bring it up to him.

  • Welcome to Kitty-Cam   10 years 24 weeks ago

    Is there a live feed of the cats?

  • The Cats Get a New Toy!   10 years 32 weeks ago

    Yay for the kitties! And what a great shot that is of all four.

  • Finnegan Paw Update   10 years 32 weeks ago

    Awww.... you are too nice to me! I hadn't considered asking for donations since this is something I feel we should take care of and because I haven't been diligent about updates on the site!

    But as an update, Finnegan continues to do well and we haven't discussed the surgery much. Probably need to analyze his situation a bit more. He remains a cat that doesn't want to complain about anything. Such a trooper!

  • Finnegan Paw Update   10 years 32 weeks ago

    Glad to hear that Finnegan still seems to feel ok, that's great that he's not bothered by his paw!
    Just wanted to say ditto to Cleo's Mom's comment about setting up donations for the Finnstinator (had to continue the joke). And on a side note, looks like Isabel's website just updated today with some good news :)

  • Finnegan Paw Update   10 years 34 weeks ago

    aw. I hope it heals for him. But if not, maybe you can set up donations through PayPal! I donated for Isabel, and I'd be more than happy to send a little for the Finnster!!

  • Finnegan Paw Update   10 years 34 weeks ago

    We ended up removing his cast and are still in limbo about how to proceed. Surgery is expensive and just like prior to going through all this, Finnegan isn't complaining about his paw. We will continue to watch it though!

  • Finnegan Paw Update   10 years 35 weeks ago

    uh oh, is that Finnegan on cam2 sporting a new red collar? And sans cast?? I can't tell if it's Stormy, but it looks too big to be Stormy! ?

  • Recommended Toys / Products   10 years 37 weeks ago

    Last weekend I saw a pet bed at Bed Bath Beyond (could be for a cat or dog) for only $9.99. Based on the prices I've seen for pet beds elsewhere, I thought this was a good price (even better when you use one of the store's 20% coupons they constantly mail) so I bought it-
    Turns out that both my cats like the bed, so I got another one today. At the store by me, there are more colors available than what's shown on the website, too.

  • Finnegan Paw Update   10 years 38 weeks ago

    We still haven't decided what to do about Finnegan's toe. Most likely it will be an amputation, but there is an option to have surgery to stabilize the toe with a metal plate. Cost is a consideration, but we want the best option for him.
    Knowing that Ninja is doing fine missing a toe is encouraging (keep us informed). Many animals get by just fine missing legs, he may not even miss a toe.
    We're going to visit the vet soon and talk over the options and get something scheduled.

  • Finnegan Paw Update   10 years 38 weeks ago

    I missed the story of Finnegans's toe trouble. We had some toe trouble here as well. Ninja had her front left middle toe amputated on July 9th, 2008. It took her about 9 days to stop hopping and starting putting it down. She is doing very well now, hardly misses it at all!!

    There are other issues with regard to this toe that we are unsure of, but for the moment - all is well.

    Take heart, it hurts us to see our furrkids in discomfort, but the end result may be worth it.

    All the best. Please contact me if you would like to find out about our experience

    Brenda & Ninja

  • Top Kitty Pics of 2008!   10 years 39 weeks ago

    the pics were great, Thanks!

  • Top Kitty Pics of 2008!   10 years 39 weeks ago

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  • Finnegan Paw Update   10 years 39 weeks ago

    I've been thinking about Finnegan and hoping for the best. The poor guy has gone through so much already that I hope he doesn't need surgery, but even if he does, it sounds like you have a caring vet.